Depending on the complexity of your course you might be capable of selling it for a few hundred dollars per purchase. If you currently work in a low-paying job or career, you might consider switching to something more lucrative. Asking for a raise is a simple and free way to possibly increase your income every single month doing the same job. While it’s likely that asking for a raise won’t net you an extra $10,000 per month, it’s one way to boost your income on your journey. While side hustles alone might not make 10k each month, you could easily make an additional $1,000 for your time. By creating review and comparison videos, you can easily promote your links in the video description and comments to increase your sales and earnings.

Getting paid for your services like driving as a delivery driver is a perfect way to increase your monthly earnings on your journey to $10,000, and it’s extremely easy to get started. Social media accounts are an extremely common way to make money with affiliate marketing. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a YouTube channel, and other rising social media platforms, there is no shortage or opportunity. There are many methods you can use to make money with affiliate marketing including social media, YouTube, or a website.

  1. The reality is that people sometimes need to connect with other people when they are committing to a purchase that involves a lot of resources.
  2. I believe it is the best and most profitable way to make money online in 2023 and beyond.
  3. This is where Dan and I started an online business a few years ago.
  4. That’s why personally, I prefer more hands-off real estate investments.
  5. With a busy work schedule, a young family, and limited time to work on her side hustle, Nagina had to be very smart about her marketing and pricing.

This reduces the time it takes to find the perfect virtual assistant gig, and helps you become more marketable to business owners. The easiest, most straightforward kyber network exchange review way is to start creating content online. You can do it through writing blogs, tweets, LinkedIn posts, or even creating videos on Youtube.

Final Thoughts on How to Make $10K a Month

If you’re looking for a way to bring in extra cash each month, there’s no better place to start than freelancing. This means you’ll need coding skills and a knowledge of programming languages, as well as skills in UX (user experience) design and software development fundamentals. Software developers are those who build, maintain, and improve computer software and networking systems for business or consumer needs. As such, they require coding and programming skills and a knowledge of software engineering principles and software architecture. And better still, over the past 20 years, some REITs have outperformed the S&P 500 index.

Become an Amazon affiliate

You can use websites like Udemy or Teachable to create an online course and offer it for sale. People will pay for the courses you create if you provide them with value, so make sure to deliver high-quality content in your courses. To get started, look for social media manager job postings on LinkedIn, Indeed, and Zip Recruiter platforms. You can also ask around to see if any of your local businesses need a social media manager. Platforms like Teachable and Skillshare allow people to share their expertise with eager learners. Whether it’s coding, knitting, photography, or entrepreneurship, online courses allow people worldwide to learn new skills from their homes at their own pace.

How to Make $10K a Month (8 Legit Ways)

Investing in real estate has long been one of my favorite ways to create a steady stream of income. In fact, real estate investing was one of the first things I pursued as I began on my journey to financial freedom. The best part is, once you’ve created a course to sell, you can sell it an infinite number of times. This means that online courses provide a strategy not just for how to make $10k a month, but for how to make 10k a month passive income. Everyone has different financial goals, and if yours is to make a 6-figure income, this list proves that you have a lot of options. It’s important to remember that every skill on this list is something you can learn on your own without a degree.

You need to make sure that potential clients know about your skills and abilities, and you can do this by creating a website, speaking at events, or writing articles. Once you’ve identified your areas of expertise, you need to start marketing yourself as a consultant and proving your skills. Check out the video below to learn how you can earn $10,000 a month or more freelancing. For example, those able to create compelling and unique articles can make much more than a beginner freelance writer. Freelance work can be difficult in some aspects but there are some easy freelance jobs as well.

Affiliate marketing will often exceed this but it depends on the type of posts and the quality of your audience. While each of these traffic sources has their own benefits and drawbacks, I’d work on focusing on one or two when starting your blog. These sources have the largest base of users therefore offering the most potential traffic for your blog.

The truth is that any business can be turned into a passive income source when you set up the right systems and hire the right people. (For more on this, read the classic business book integrated development environment wikipedia The E-Myth Revisited.)Yet, some businesses are able to run themselves more than others. The key is finding a business where marketing, sales, value delivery are all automated.

You can formally study for a tech degree or self-teach coding and technical skills. Then, start in a more junior position, and climb up to more senior roles over time. For people who like a clear roadmap to follow, this is probably the most predictable path to making $10k a month. Target careers with high average salaries, acquire the necessary training, and start climbing the ladder, improving your skills and getting promotions and raises along the way. But let’s be real here… Learning how to make 10k in a month is no easy feat. Most likely, it’s going to take years of planning and training before you get there.

The trained researchers at FlexJobs hand-screen job listings to eliminate ads and scams found on other sites. Find everything from entry-level to executive positions at FlexJobs. All you have to do is design a printable template and upload it to the platform for people to purchase for a few dollars. These templates may include meal planning guides, grocery lists, to-do lists, personal finance trackers, or chore trackers.

They might need a few thousand dollars to complete the flip which you can lend them and earn interest on your money. Another one of my favorite ways to invest is in short term real estate debt with Groundfloor. It’s possible to find rental properties that cash flow thousands of dollars each month. Before you can sell your services to clients, you’ll need to establish a portfolio of work. This might mean you’ll end up working for free in the beginning stages of your journey.

For example, many lawn care or pressure washing businesses can have 7 figure earnings in less than 2 years time. For example, taking surveys online certainly won’t pay you thousands per month however, it is possible to to reach six figures flipping items from a flea market. In simplest terms, affiliate marketing is the process in which you are compensated for facilitating a transaction.

They are an excellent marketing tools for businesses to gain customers and grow their revenue. To be successful you’ll need to have an understanding of which channels and platforms are best for each audience and how you can create content that will engage them. However, many businesses don’t have the knowledge or understanding of social media to actually use it effectively to make a difference in their business. Another benefit of this side hustle is that you don’t need a large amount of money to get started. Proofreading can be an excellent side hustle (and even full time job) if you want to make $10k a month. Apart from being a seasoned writer, you’ll need to know how to market your book to get sales and build your income stream.

Check out my breakdowns of How to Make Money on YouTube and How to Make Money on TikTok. We’ve all heard the success stories of those making a good living off their content or beginner’s guide to buying and selling cryptocurrency even millions of dollars every year. Sales are critical to most companies, meaning if you’ve got the ability to close a deal, sales can be a lucrative and sought-after career.

Like other high-income side hustles, you can stack clients to reach your $10k a month goal. And hiring a video editor to help you scale your revenue even higher. You can have one 3-5 clients paying you each anywhere from $500 to $3,000/month or more for some of the bigger accounts.