What the results are when you ask 200 ladies for intercourse on Tinder?

Contained in this

Tinder test

we did so. But

with a-twist


We made two various particular pages.


Bad guy

and something

nice guy


Both of them wanted exactly the same thing:


Carry out women wish choose the rapid nightly adventure together?

And who had been more productive? The Poor guy, or even the wonderful man?

In this post you are getting:

  • 15 Tinder experiment

    screenshot instances

  • 7 Holy suggestions to steal some knowledge out of this project
  • 3 raw Tinder profile mistakes that plummeted one profile’s likes
  • 2 no-cost content pastable bios
  • 1 Tinder Social Experiment that got my personal TextGod advisor banned


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Part 1: The brilliant storyline

Almost everything started when one of my TextGod coaches and that I saw a YouTube movie.

a station named “LeenaDProductions” performed videos where they tried exactly who becomes more swipes on Tinder.

I needed to recreate that whole personal experiment utilizing myself just like the examination subject.

Merely to remember all things are done correctly with no answers are manipulated.

Besides, it looked like a lot of enjoyment doing.

I known as upwards my personal digital camera man / photographer so we met up to get this done.

We planned precisely what variety of pictures we would shoot.

We developed two characters:

Initial will be

The Bad child

. He is the type of man that:

  • Flaunts alcoholic drinks
  • Flaunts cash money
  • Flaunts muscle groups

The guy in addition takes on the electric guitar rather than smiles.

(I adore how cliché we made him haha)

Another guy is

The Sweet Guy

. He’d exchange the guitar for a lovely ukulele. In addition, he:

  • Smiles into the existence of his fluffy pet
  • Trips a bike
  • Reads art publications

This Tinder research would not be complete without offering each fictional character a suitable bio.

Let’s take a good look at both biography’s plus the photographs.

Step two: producing the Douchebag’s Tinder profile

It isn’t a breeze to generate a douche bag and guy profile.

My personal advisor and I had discussions concerning proper terminology for the two figures.

Is he a


, like in original movie?

Is the guy a lot more like an




douche bag

? A

Poor child

? A



Which are the differences when considering all these brands?

And just how will you exhibit all of them within Tinder pictures?

We ended up naming him a ‘Bad man’ however in reality, he or she is a blend of most of these brands.

He could be one that’s similar to just what these names advise.

Very, why don’t we have a look at his photographs.

Picture #1

It really is a man in a match pouring whiskey from up saturated in a fancy glass in the middle of the street.

If this sounds liken’t about quite


, after that wat is actually?

Holy Idea


Your first picture should program just your head and body.

The image the truth is here’s the original document. On Tinder we cropped associated with the legs. We’ll explain to you in some.

The one thing I really hate about that photo, is that you cannot see my personal vision.

Holy Tip:

Usually show off your eyes within basic image.

I figured this insufficient eye presence would lessen all of our suits. So we mentioned going for this
Tinder picture

Bam. Direct visual communication together with the lens (and/or woman viewing your profile).

The difficulty here’s that direct visual communication works better when smiling.

And even though i’ve some thing on my face that looks like a poverty effort at a grin, it’s just perhaps not gonna slice it.

So we did some quick ensure that you chosen photograph # 1 alternatively.

Picture number 2

I wouldn’t say this is exactly an Æssh0le picture per se.

But it does have a poor child vibe to it.

There is a pretty badass searching electric guitar in a dimly lit club.

a guitar that I was


to tune, because We have not a clue how to either play or track an instrument.

I am having just a bit of a frown back at my face which will make myself seem all focused and important.

And lastly we’re blinking a touch of the tattoo to my supply in hopes to get the picture appearance a tad rougher.

Visualize number 3


I simply must have a good laugh everytime We see this image.

It really is thus over the top.

Its a naked man being showered in lender records while flexing his bicep. Sporting flashy sunglasses IN.

I advice you to definitely never make a photograph in this way to suit your profile.

But we actually wanted to integrate this mega obnoxious photo. Merely to truly cement the theory that the guy is definitely a bit of a douche.

We afterwards learned that this image will have a strong effect on the last outcomes of this Tinder experiment.

Visualize no. 4

My personal goodness. I am not sure which photograph is actually the majority of unsavory. The bucks shower or this gymnasium pic?

Do not get myself incorrect: working-out is very good and that I advice you to achieve this. Not merely for the clear health benefits but also for your matchmaking life. Both offline and online.

Holy Tip:

For those who have a sports body you are proud of, subsequently show off it in an artsy or “organic” setting (swimming or playing at beach as an example).

Never ever in an over presented gym pic like this one, or a mirror selfie.

This image utilizing the mad gaze, the tight tank leading, and shoulder veins popping on, is actually a


. It really is every little thing nearly all women don’t want to see on your own
Tinder profile

Phew, that is adequate braggy photos for 1 day. Let’s take a look at the other guy!

3: generating the amazing man’s Tinder profile

You see yourself a lot more as a good guy than a terrible son. If this is possible, subsequently this profile could hold some important instructions for your needs.

So why don’t we check out the Bad man’s adversary.

Whenever selecting their title we’d one or two solutions once again:

The Nerd?

The Geek?

The Wonderful guy? The favorable guy? The Gentleman?

We’re going to phone him the good man but we want him to exhibit just a bit of all of those labels.

Let’s take a good look at his first photo.

Picture # 1

Bang bang bang!

I prefer this photo for Tinder.

Here’s the reason why:

  • It has a cozy and honest vibe
  • There’s sort of a grin
  • It genuinely appears like an enjoyable guy

Besides there’s a coffee and an (art) publication. Two things that many ladies fancy.

The harvest isn’t really perfect but, but once again: this is the initial image. To my Tinder profile we adjusted this.

With this photograph besides, we regarded an alternative solution:

Yourself In my opinion this package is much more attractive.

However it doesn’t suit the good guy vibe as nicely.

When considering both pictures, the coaches and that I concurred your first image appears friendlier. And it is therefor a lot more suitable because of this Tinder research.

Holy Suggestion:

The Colour program useful for this picture is named ‘Teal Magenta’. Its a filter utilized in lots of movies.

It’s appeal will come and continues on Instagram.

Visualize #2

It isn’t because badass as an electrical electric guitar.

This is the more compact, a lot more innocent variation: the ukulele.

We added this photo to give the favorable man some extra character.

Assuming that folks you shouldn’t identify this picture with frustrating folks performing ‘Wonderwall’ around a campfire, we’re good.

Visualize no. 3


It’s a guy on a bike.

I am not sure in regards to you, but we associate transportation by motorcycle with becoming environmentally friendly.

We thought the nice guy may have one photograph on a bike. With an enjoyable fountain in back. Exactly what a comfortable man.

It’s not a picture I would ever before identify me to go on my personal internet dating profile. But you’ll eventually check if it sang well or otherwise not.

One detail I would like to see various, will be the eyes once more. They’re hidden when you look at the shadow. As long as they happened to be noticeable, the photograph would exude a lot more trustworthiness.

Visualize # 4

Definitely my personal favorite nice man photograph.

Could it possibly be your favorite at the same time?

It’s really difficult personally to laugh in an image. But somehow it surely worked well right here.

Maybe because Meatballs (the fluffy animal on my straight back) ended up being beside me. Probably one of the recommended kitties around.

Holy Suggestion:

If you have the substitute for have a photograph with an animal inside profile, make use of it.

shows over repeatedly that your particular
Tinder achievements
increases for those who have have a photograph with an animal.

Holy Tip:

Eye contact
with the camera while showing a huge smile is among your most effective guns.

That was the 4


and final great guy photo.

3: the whole profiles + bio!

Why don’t we browse both completed pages:

The Bad guy vs The cool man.

Today before we make these pages apparent and have now all of them participate for suits, we truly need a
Tinder bio
each ones.

We gave the Bad boy this package:

“More than likely out of your category but hey, every chance that you don’t go on it a try you miss.”

The nice guy went with:

“I really like squirrels.”

Empowered by legendary meme within this movie:

But I really don’t like turtles, we had some in primary class and another bit me.

I love squirrels. I really do.

So we opted for that.

Alright. Those tend to be both bios.

Now we’re willing to see exactly who gets a lot of proper swipes.

Place your wagers!

That do you imagine will gather most fits?

Type your own answer in responses and don’t you dare hack!

Step 4: The fight + effects!

The outcome happened to be quite alarming. I genuinely don’t see this coming.

Listed here is exactly how we measured the popularity of both accounts.

We made use of two reports.

My personal profile and advisor Daniel’s account.

We provided both Tinder Gold. Listed here is why:

  • Exact Same
  • Passport function to check them in identical places
  • Tinder Gold’s “loves You” purpose shows you everybody else that swiped you right

Specifically that final function is vital for people.

Permits united states to see what amount of matches both profiles have obtained.

Mentor Daniel and I also sat alongside one another and chosen new york as our very first test area.

We activated all of our users at the same time… then we waited.

Which profile would get appreciated 100 instances initially?

(as revealed of the “loves You” purpose).

In nyc it actually was the sweet man that have got to 100 likes first.

At exactly the same time, the Poor man ended up being simply at 70.

Which is quite a positive change.

Did you expect the outcomes of the social research?

My mentors and that I had been somewhat amazed.

Especially since in Leena D’s movie, the


performed way better than the great man.

To make certain these results just weren’t geographically likely, we went round two examinations somewhere else.

In britain’s gorgeous capital area: London.

(in addition, we composed an entire tips guide about
Tinder in London

We utilized the very same approach such as New York City:

Establishing both users in addition right after which waiting until one profile got to 100
loves on Tinder

Outcomes happened to be quite various right here.

Not that the Bad son instantly trumped the kind man.

Quite the opposite…

This time around the kind man went along to 100 loves whilst the Bad child was still merely at 44(!) wants.

Which means the amazing man had a lot more than


the bad child’s matches.


a crude K.O. for the douche bag.

Today however we cannot state exactly why one profile outperformed others so badly.

But we can create a couple of measured assumptions.

One is the Āssh0le never ever helps make eye contact. Perhaps not in one image.

Someone else is the fact that the money bath and fitness center picture are TOO a great deal.

Groing through the very best could often be helpful.

But and then a particular extent.

If you scroll upwards some and check out the comparison of both users, it’s hard to feel sympathy for remaining guy. Whereas the proper man looks more enjoyable is about.

This research in addition reveals that cash and muscles are not usually a good thing online. And they’re unnecessary to
get some fits

Now why don’t we go to the final part of this Tinder personal experiment.

Step 5: You’re sexy. Let us bang.

Just how performed women react whenever we blatantly asked them for intercourse?

The test ended up being over and now we wanted to get back to our own users.

But what about every one of these suits we obtained and did not chat to?

We realized we can easily make a move interesting with them into the name of science.

Something that did not digest 69 several hours period expense.

Which Is as soon as we had gotten interesting…

…which profile would get the very best responses when blatantly asking to BANG.

As with practically sending the opener:

The outcomes happened to be very fascinating.

(though you will find far better methods
to get set on Tinder

Let us look at some screenshots with the replies:

Therefore I carried on:

Nearly all women weren’t entertained with this particular line.

Not too we envisioned other things from bland, uncalibrated, intimate opener.

Needles to say, numerous women did not bother answering.

But showing you 100 screenshots of ”

You are attractive, why don’t we bang

“, was über bland.



is actually a fairly great overview of many responds.

This woman wasn’t the banging sort.

Another woman conversely, really does like some sort of banging:

Hey, at the very least this woman yields fun away from a miserable circumstance!

Hahaha ”

Operate just a little because of this pussy

“. Genius.

Today some females felt more adventurous, but, exactly like this finally screenshot mentioned, needed a little more wooing.

Just one single hundred

“, for each account.

That was one of my favorite responds in this whole Tinder research.

Hey no less than we don’t get overlooked here.

Perhaps the women that exposed with a go with were not likely to quickly accept some “banging”.

(This woman calls myself Daan (Dan) because she had been speaking with the amazing man profile to my pal Dan’s cellphone.)

Oh, guess who’s straight back?

Evidently the woman buddy did get the provide appealing.

Today simply because some body says these are typically curious does not mean that it is occurring. Absolutely nonetheless lots of time and room to shag upwards before you in fact get to bangerang.

Ah, finally someone that really does appreciate our passionate provide.

Did this take place one time?

Nope, listed here is the next girl ready for a spontaneous adventure.

You decide to go woman, you will do whatever you decide and fancy!

And last but not least:

Seemingly new york isn’t big enough for 2 Louis.

Now it’s time for an attractive, deep, and philosophical summary.

Holy Idea:

If You Prefer some lines that will actually help you to get set, without creeping the woman out…

…then always check my personal
10 Text That Always Work
. Its a little electronic book giving you many texting examples.

I do not recharge because of it, have it 100% free

Action 6: The Final Outcome

To be truthful I really don’t really know what you’re contemplating this.

You just noticed some screenshots of women claiming no.

However you in addition noticed some ladies doubting.

Some even blatantly said ”

why don’t we do that


So you may feel an urge commit junk e-mail these things at the same time. In the event that you send out enough messages, you will find anyone to join you for a round of flushed bed room acrobatics.

Or possibly you are looking only at that research, thinking: ”

Lol, great research bro. I would bang at the snap of my fingers basically had your looks.

In The Event You perform feel lured to test this…


To start with, one of many records did
get prohibited from Tinder
due to this fact personal research.

RIP Sweet Man Louis. May the guy sleep in comfort.


The portion of women agreeing to the proposition was actually ridiculously reduced. Assuming you are considering:

“I don’t care when it’s ridiculously reasonable. Various happened to be down to bong, and I also like bonging”

Reasonable adequate. But let’s say they weren’t the quintessential appealing women available to you.

And I’m wording this the wonderful method.

The women i must say i enjoyed don’t bother texting straight back. They usually have plenty of much better solutions. Dudes that text a lot more fascinating stuff than this research.

Assuming you are the guy blaming the success of the opener to my personal appearance…

Reasonable sufficient. At least somewhat.

You wont notice me worrying about my face.

But when I mentioned, my face didn’t magically turn this opener into a simple yet effective best way to find one night stand.

As for conversations I use inside my other posts and videos… those are discussions with females merely my personal kind. Desirable girls with options. It isn’t like they may be {the easi