A public seminar under the auspices of Nordiska Kashmir Organisation (NKO)

Speaker Mehroosh Tak

Mehroosh Tak is a Kashmiri PhD scholar at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London. She grew up between Delhi and Kashmir. Mehroosh co-founded the SOAS Kashmir Solidarity Movement (KSM), a student union initiative that aims to promote and raise awareness about the Kashmir conflict; as well as working with respect to and interest of self-determination of the Kashmiri people (For more details: http://soasunion.org/activities/society/ksmsoas/).

Kahmir Conflict: For the last five weeks, Kashmir valley is literally under curfew while police violence has claimed over 60 lives in this fresh wave of protests. Unfortunately, the Kashmir conflict is often seen as a dispute between India and Pakistan. However, people of Kashmir are fighting for Azadi (independence). According to UN resolutions, the people of Kashmir are supposed to decide the fate of Kashmir in a democratic plebiscite. India and Pakistan have coalesced to deny the Kashmiris their right to self determination.

MC Kash concert.

Roushan Illahi, known by his stage name MC Kash, is a rapper/emcee from Kashmir. Kashmir. He considers himself a street poet for Kashmir freedom movement.





Illahi gained popularity in the Kashmir valley and among the youth after his rebellious poetry in rap songs, which many consider as coming-of-age way of protest.

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