what is splunk app

Go from problem detection to resolution with end-to-end visibility across your infrastructure, applications and digital customer experience. We’re known for being a company where people want to work. Long-time users know all about our .conf extravaganza (returning June 2024), Buttercup the pony, and our very own t-shirt store.

Cleaning and formatting data happens instantaneously, keeping the data current as you look at it. This prevents the lag times seen in some data processing platforms and makes it easier to find issues or outliers when they occur. Modernize your security operations and protect your business with data, analytics, automation and end-to-end integrations. Today, we know that building resilience is a team effort.

When a change in data appears, healthcare professionals can ​use Splunk to ​investigate data changes and promptly respond with specialized care if needed. Removing these data barriers uncovers tons of meaning and actionable steps organizations. That’s why you’ll hear us talk about Splunkers (our employees and community) or the idea of Splunking around. Importantly, it’s not only the capabilities that we offer — the real exciting stuff is all the things you can do with those capabilities. Splunk combines technology, education, training, and employee volunteering and giving programs to engage communities all over the world.

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From there, they can use AI to predict and forecast traffic, find abnormalities in incoming traffic patterns, and build full data models. Ultimately, this all helps make data more user-friendly and easier to understand. Cloud-powered insights for petabyte-scale data analytics across the hybrid cloud with Splunk as a service.

  1. We’re known for being a company where people want to work.
  2. We are a publicly traded company and we’ve been listed on the NASDAQ since 2012 under the symbol SPLK.
  3. Take smarter action with artificial intelligence tools and customizable solutions embedded across the entire Splunk portfolio.
  4. Importantly, the coolest part about our company is probably the global community of people who use and rely on Splunk offerings in their own workplaces.

Search any kind of data at the edge and beyond in real time to detect and prevent issues. By looking at real-time data to monitor the devices that make up your network, you can minimize any downtime coming from an issue with a broken component. And while Splunk is mainly used for data-related tasks, it also offers cybersecurity solutions. Unifying security operations and monitoring them through Splunk for Security makes it easy to detect outliers and protect data stored in the cloud. AI-powered solutions for security and observability that accelerate detection, investigation and response.

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We recognize employees who consistently demonstrate our values — employees are nominated by their peers and winners are selected by our Value Ambassadors.

what is splunk app

Splunk is a cloud-based platform designed for big data analysis. It’s great for working with high volumes of incoming unstructured data, power automation, and machine learning. ​​There’s a high demand for Data Scientists and Analysts ​who​ know how to find actionable insights in massive datasets.

The data gets compressed so that it only takes up 15% of the original storage space and is stored in what’s known as file buckets. These buckets can identify whether the data is composed of letters or numbers and sort them accordingly. From security to observability and beyond, Splunk helps you go from visibility to action.

Today, many of the world’s largest and most complex organizations rely on Splunk to keep their mission-critical systems secure and reliable. I know the number of threats against the university is higher and the complexity greater than ever before. But I also know that we’re protecting the university at a level we’ve never had before. Knowing how to use data to help a company achieve its goals is a powerful skill that can open the door to many professional opportunities. If you want to learn more, check out our data analytics courses like Introduction to Big Data with PySpark. And we’ve announced our intent to join forces with Cisco.

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This prevents data siloing (when data is stored in isolation from the rest of the organization), ​which tends to be​ common in larger organizations. It also helps reveal more detailed insights by consolidating data from all sources. Splunk is used to power through machine-generated data and reveal the insights within. Instead of dealing with a high volume of unformatted data, Data Analysts can use Splunk to format it and make it easier to find ways to improve operations.

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Keep your services reliable, deliver great customer experiences, and innovate faster with Splunk Observability Cloud. Try it free for 14 days — use your own data or try it in Observability Jumpstart. Trigger and correlate searches across your diverse data ecosystem, including on-premises and third-party stores, to analyze organization-wide. Splunk experts manage your IT backend so you can focus on acting on your data, while our platform scales to your analytics needs. Domain-specific, human-in-the-loop AI to accelerate detection, investigation and response. Modernize your SOC with unified threat detection, investigation and response across SIEM, SOAR, UEBA and Automated Threat Analysis.

Improve security and business outcomes by bringing machine-level intelligence to your data. It maximizes the insights we gain from analyzing detection use cases, rather than wasting time creating rules or struggling with a tool that’s too complicated. Find and fix threats and costly downtime before they have bigger business impacts.

Drive your own career success — check out our range of Splunk certifications, from entry-level to expert. Easily communicate even your most complex data stories using our intuitive dashboard-building experience. Collect and ingest data from thousands of sources and counting, all at terabyte scale. Affordably adapt to evolving data needs with transparent pricing that aligns your spend to utility, with instant visibility into usage metrics. Make the most of all your data while maintaining privacy and compliance standards with our industry-certified platform.

Splunking, then, is the exploration of information caves and the mining of data. Splunk helps you explore things that aren’t easy to get to otherwise, like log data and messages and machine data. I wrote this article to help answer https://www.dowjonesrisk.com/ all these questions and point you in the right direction. First things first — Splunk formally refers to our company. Less formally, though, you might hear about Splunk in reference to our products, services and other offerings.

We are a publicly traded company and we’ve been listed on the NASDAQ since 2012 under the symbol SPLK. Essentially, any area where you’ve got lots and lots of data, Splunk can help. Splunkers are encouraged and empowered to be Innovative, Passionate, Disruptive, Open and Fun.